TALAYUELAS is a small ville with 900 population located in the northeast of the Province of Cuenca (Spain). It is located 110 km from the city of Valencia, 110 km from Cuenca and 80 km from Teruel. It has an altitude of 991 meters over the sea level.

It is crossed by the N 330 road and just 37 km away, near Utiel, is the A 3 highway that connects Madrid and Valencia. It has a bus connection that connects Salvacañete and Valencia.

Summers are hot and dry and winters are cold. The average temperature is 12.9º (celsius), in summer 24º and in winter 3º and the average rainfall is 445 mm per year.

The economy of the area is based on agriculture, livestock and the timber sector. Increasingly, rural tourism is gaining importance.

TALAYUELAS has a public school, medical center, library, fronton, sports center, municipal swimming pool with recreation area, Cervantes Theater and retirement home.
With regard to commercial offer, it has two supermarkets, hairdressers, bars, pub and restaurants, pharmacy, electrical appliances, furniture, gas station, hardware store and small food and multiproduct stores.
It has the expanding La Tejería Industrial Park that offers excellent opportunities to settle in Talayuelas with interesting fiscal and tax advantages.

Talayuelas Canyon

At the tourist level, it has many attractions. In the urban area you can visit the Church of the Assumption, the Hermitage of San Antonio and the recently recovered Fuente de los dos Caños.
But if Talayuelas stands out especially in something, it is for its natural treasures, a true paradise for hikers and nature lovers who cannot miss the Talayuelas Canyon, the lagoon, Las Callejuelas or the natural water sources (Pie Mulo, Canalejas, La Hoya, Cubillejos, Los Tornajos and Las Estacas).

Las Callejuelas

And for the more daring, you can ascend to Pico de Peña Roya (1,362 meters) or Pico Ranera (1,430 meters) where the views are extraordinary.

In the mushroom season, the pine forests that surround Talayuelas often provide many joys to fans of their search.

It has three rural houses to stay and a youth camp that works in summer. The gastronomic offer is not very wide, but it is of quality where you can taste the gastronomy of Cuenca.

Murillo Square
Church of La Asunción

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