At RADIO SERRANÍA we are very interested in making our region known to the world, the Serranía Baja de Cuenca and the smallville of TALAYUELAS, which is where we broadcast from.

To encourage listeners to tune in to our three channels online (Radio Serranía, Zoom 25 & La 3 de Radio Serranía), we have prepared a collection of E-QSL’s that will be renewed and that we will send to all listeners who send us a report of reception to …….. (at)

We already know that with online reception, the SINFO will be 55555. But we want to know how many countries listen to us.

If you have come this far, you already know how to listen to RADIO SERRANíA. You only need to click on the play of the player. To listen to ZOOM 25 or LA 3 DE RADIO SERRANÍA, you can do it from the menu.

From the same menu, you can visit «PUEBLOS INFO» where you will find information and links to all the towns that make up the Serranía Baja Cuenca.
And particularly about TALAYUELAS, you will find information in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

If you ever visit Spain and the cities of Valencia or Cuenca, be sure to come to the Serranía Baja. We are so close. We will be delighted to receive you.